Bohol Philippines Travel Guide

Bohol is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. It is a first income class province With a land area of 4,821 km2 (1,861 sq mi) and a coastline 261 km (162 mi) long. Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines. Tagbilaran City is its capital and the language is Cebuano, but the Boholanos dialect has its own diction.

Bohol Philippines

Bohol is subdivided into 3 congressional districts, 47 municipalities and 1 city. It has 1,109 barangay with a total population of 1,255,128 (2010) and an average household size of 5.41.

FIRST DISTRICT (Population: 415,420)
Tagbilaran City
Municipalities: Alburquerque, Antequera, Baclayon, Balilihan, Calape, Catigbian, Corella, Cortes, Dauis, Loon, Maribojoc, Panglao, Sikatuna, Tubigon

SECOND DISTRICT (Population: 415,878)
Municipalities: Bien Unido, Buenavista, Clarin, Dagohoy, Danao, Getafe, Inabanga, Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, Sagbayan, San Isidro, San Miguel, Talibon, Trinidad, Ubay

THIRD DISTRICT (Population: 423,830)
Municipalities: Alicia, Anda, Batuan, Bilar, Candijay, Carmen, Dimiao, Duero, Garcia Hernandez, Guindulman, Jagna, Lila, Loay, Loboc, Mabini, Pilar, Sevilla, Sierra Bullones, Valencia

According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 1,313,560. In the 2016 election, it had 798,768 registered voters, meaning that 61% of the population are aged 18 and over.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Chocolate Hills
The Chocolate Hills are considered one of Philippine’s natural wonders and Bohol is often referred to as the Jewel of the Philippines. They are hills made of limestone left over from coral reefs during the Ice Age when the island was submerged. They turn brown during the summer.


The Philippine tarsier, amongst the world’s smallest primates, is indigenous to the island.


Mahogany forest in Bohol
Mahogany Forest in Bohol


Baclayon church
Baclayon church

Loboc river
Loboc river

Loboc river cruise
Loboc River Cruise


Food at Loboc river cruise
Food at Loboc River Cruise


Loboc River Cruise Choir / Harana / Daygon

Loboc River Choir


Loboc River Choir

Other Photos:
Chocolate Hills

Loboc River Cruise HallwayLoboc RiverTarsier House

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Travel to Siquijor, the Mystic Island

Siquijor is a fifth income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. Its capital is the municipality also named Siquijor. It is the third smallest province in the country both in terms of population and land area, after Camiguin and Batanes. The dialect spoken here is Cebuano.

Welcome to Siquijor


The island lies about 19 kilometres (12 mi) east of the nearest point on southern Negros, 25 kilometres (16 mi) southeast of Cebu, 30 kilometres (19 mi) southwest of Bohol, and 45 kilometres (28 mi) north of Zamboanga Peninsula of Mindanao. It is predominantly hilly and in many places the hills reach the sea, producing precipitous cliffs.

During the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines, the Spaniards called the island “Island of Fire” or in Isla del Fuego in Spanish. Siquijor is commonly associated with mystic traditions, a place of magic and sorcery that attracts and repulses visitors.

Facade of Saint Francis of Assisi church, Siquijor


Siquijor (province) comprises 6 municipalities namely Enrique Villanueva, Larena, Lazi, Maria, San Juan and Siquijor. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 95,984. In the 2016 election, it had 68,988 registered voters, meaning that 72% of the population are aged 18 and over. The literacy rate of 92.5% is one of the highest in the country.

Among the many attractions are the beaches, waterfalls, caves, and the white sand beaches make up most of the 102-kilometer coastline of Siquijor.

The Bell Tower of the Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer, Larena, Siquijor
Created in 1891


Beach Resort


There is no airport in Siquijor. It has 3 sea ports capable of servicing cargo and passenger sea crafts, and an airfield capable of handling smaller and mostly privately owned airplanes.


Other Siquijor Photos:

A View from the Top


Tourist taking Photos

Beside the Bell Tower


Capilay Spring Park in San Juan, Siquijor


Coco Grove Beach Resort


Coco Grove Beach Resort

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How to Get to Bacolod, Negros Occidental from Cebu

I have been traveling to Bacolod, Negros Occidental since last year and every time I do, I always scan the web for schedules of V-hires, Ceres bus, Lite Ferry and Fast Craft from Cebu to Toledo to San Carlos City and to Bacolod. I just get tired of doing that because most of the information I found online are outdated.
San Carlos City, Negros Occ.
So, I come up with this guide to help me and you.

There are 3 ways to get there.

1. By Airplane. The easiest and not a cheap way but will save you more time less back pain. You will reach Bacolod in less than an hour from Cebu.

2. By Ceres Bus (Direct Trip). Land and sea trip. Convenient but takes about 8 hours to reach Bacolod. This is a good alternative to people with many bags or belongings because you can leave your things in the bus when you go down the bus and board the ferry. All passengers in this Ceres Bus are guaranteed to have a ferry ticket. The buses are parked at North Bus Terminal in Mandaue City.

3. By Cutting Trip with V-hire or Bus to Toledo, then ride a Lite Ferry or Fast Craft to San Carlos City, then ride a Ceres bus to Bacolod. Land and sea trip also.

The buses to Toledo can be found in South Bus Terminal. The Vhire terminal is at SM Seaside Cebu. First trip usually starts at 4am. No idea about last trip.

Toledo to San Carlos City Schedules


From Toledo From San Carlos City
7:30 AM 6:30 AM
9:30 AM 9:30 AM
11:30 AM 12:30 PM
3:30 PM 2:30 PM

Full – PHP 225
Student – PHP 190
Senior – PHP 180
Half (3 to 11 years of age) – PHP 110

Lite Ferry Boat

SAN CARLOS – TOLEDO Schedule (2 hours trip)

Economy PHP 180
Standard PHP 190
Tourist PHP 200
10AM and 3:30PM trip PHP 110 only


4:30 AM 12:00 NN Don Salvador Aircon PHP 540 = 350 + 190
7:00 AM 3:00 PM Don Salvador Aircon PHP 540 = 350 + 190
9:50 AM 5:40 PM Don Salvador Aircon PHP 540 = 350 + 190
1:00 PM 9:00 PM Don Salvador Aircon PHP 540 = 350 + 190
3:00 PM 11:00 PM Don Salvador Aircon PHP 540 = 350 + 190
5:00 AM 3:00 PM Escalante Deluxe PHP 540 = 350 + 190
9:10 AM 7:10 PM Escalante Deluxe PHP 540 = 350 + 190
5:00 AM 1:00 PM Canlaon Deluxe PHP 540 = 350 + 190
5:00 AM 3:00 PM Tabuelan Deluxe PHP 610 = 420 + 190
6:00 PM 4:00 AM Tabuelan Deluxe PHP 610 = 420 + 190

On peak seasons like holidays and summer, it’s best to ride a direct trip with Ceres bus. This ensures you a ferry ticket and you can surely reach Bacolod within the day.

For further inquiries, you may contact them.
Ceres Liner’s Cebu office – (032) 345 8650.

Visiting The Philippines: A guide from the airport and into your room

I’m in the Philippines. What now? A guide from the airport and into your room.

Cute Filipina Girl

Alright you’ve just got to the Philippines. So you naturally ask yourself what now. Well hopeful you’ve got a Filipina woman waiting for you at the airport. But maybe after getting here you aren’t sure about the Filipino culture, the Filipino religion, any specific to the Cebuanas region, here in Cebu.

So in short you’re stumped and just plain so tired from your 24 hour flight plus the insane layover that you’re ready to scream. All you want to do is lay down and rest.

First off. If you’re not going to get handy you could probably work out a deal where you stay at her families place for free. The religion is very catholic but so long as you respect her virtue at her parents house, Filipino religion shouldn’t be a problem. However, many of us don’t like the idea of charity or anything of that nature, we want to stand on our own two unassisted feet.

Taxi in Cebu Airport

So go and hop in a taxi. First off, guys, don’t let this Filipino taxi guy juke you for an insane amount of money. 150 pesos will get you to SM Cebu, one of the biggest Super Mall in the island. It puts most every mall you’ve seen up to now to shame. 200 pesos will get you to a nice hotel or affordable pension house. 250 if you have really done your homework and are driving somewhere far off. I can get from one side of Cebu city, a city of over a million people for less than 400 pesos and that’s not taking the direct route.

The Lapu-lapu airport is near the middle of the city of Cebu. No taxi ride I’ve ever taken from the airport will cost you 400 pesos. Like I said 150 pesos -250 pesos and that’s if you’re going to ride for a while. Don’t let them con you into ‘just pay me 500 or 1000 and I’ll take you wherever you want’. Especially when all you want is to go to sleep. In short tell them to can it cabbie and lets go meter only. If they won’t do it, sick your Filipina woman on them. If your Filipina woman won’t get indignant and start angrily babbling at them in her native Cebuano language, there’s something wrong with this situation. She can tell if they’re trying to take advantage of you and unless they just nod, turn on the meter and get going, they are following the cabbie code of Filipino culture and are trying to bleed the white guy. Filipino culture is big on sticking it to the foreigners. We are their cash cows. This is a good way to test your Filipina woman. Tell her you don’t want to be taken advantage of by the Filipinas taxi driver and see if she gets you a straight meter. If taxi after taxi is turning you guys or she gets a straight legal meter price, she’s doing something right.

Cebu mactan bridge

Some places out in the suburbs you might have to pay a taxi guy meter plus 50 to get there. But please remember, technically its illegal to pay meter plus anything. If they get you to pay them meter plus 100 you can be pretty sure they’ve got the better end of the deal.

Now you’ve finally arrived at wherever it is you’re going.

waterfront cebu hotel

For a Philippine motel, a good price is to pay less than 2,500.00 pesos per night ($1.00USD=45.00 Pesos) you want something close to $1800.00-$2000.00 unless you’re living it large in a 4 star hotel.

For what they call a pension house, it might not look like much, but you can get air conditioning, a TV, your own lockable private room and a bathroom set up for between 500-1,200 pesos, depending on if you need the top of the line master suite or if you can settle for a basic single bed room. Filipino culture is they expect you to want the best, and the Filipinas for sure want to rent you the most expensive stuff. You have to say slow down, I want the bargain basement, the same stuff you offer the Filipinas. 800 pesos a night will get you a very reasonable accommodation in a safe location. Ask for a brochure, it will have their standard pricing schedule. So 15-25 bucks a night is completely doable, if you aren’t in a place to stay for free in your girls cramped little house. Because face it, 90% of the girls you meet live in what we would consider squalor. To her you’ll naturally want the top of the line rooms, so you have to enlist her in the cause of saving your wallet as much stress as possible.

Finally having some idea of how much things should cost to get from the Philippines airport and into air-conditioned comfort you can lock the door and safely fall asleep.